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Acceptable Tiger formats are Photoshop, QuarkXpress, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Zip, Syquest, Jaz.

Submitting files, artwork and disks for full color Tiger Web Cards

Acceptable programs: QuarkXpress up to Version 3.32; Photoshop up to Version 5, Illustrator up to Version 8, CorelDRAW up to Version 8.

Suitable graphic file formats: PC or Mac Tiff formats, PSD Photoshop format, EPS format or Corel CDR format (both EPS and/or CDR formats should be saved with fonts converted to curves or outlines). For high quality reproduction provide bitmap files at 300 dpi. All processing files must be saved in CMYK format (not RGB). Include with your submission all support files including fonts. If your files are bigger than 10MB, please arrange for delivery of your disk to us as outlined in Mail below.

Bleeds: If your card design includes a bleed, allow 1/8th inch extra trim on all four sides (e.g. instead of a 4" x 6" template for the standard Tiger Web Card, size your web card template to 4 1/4" x 6 1/4"). We will cut off the 1/8" you added to your Tiger Web Card when it will be trimmed later.

Delivering your graphic files to us

The Delivery Option chosen below for getting your graphic files to us must always include your 5 digit Sales Order Number taken from your receipt.

E-mail. This option utilizes the "attachment" feature for uploading files in your E-mail program. It's very fast and an easy method for getting your files to us. Acceptable file formats that can be uploaded are listed in the GRAPHIC FORMATS section above. Send us your finished or approximate design and we will do the rest. If your graphic format is not listed above, email us the format that you are using and we will get back to you.

Mail. Mail 3.5" floppy, Zip or Jaz disks, CD ROMs, but we are not limited to just these formats. The graphic programs we prefer are the same as those listed in the GRAPHIC FORMATS section above, but we are not restricted entirely to them......or you can mail us an approximate design or sample card and photos for scanning.

Fax. Fax us your finished or approximate design and we will do the rest (a sketch or a sample card would be just perfect).

Our low prices includes one scan, typesetting, and one half hour of designing for free. Additional services in excess of our standard fee will be quoted to you on the basis of $30/half hour. Please specify how you would like your card to look.

NOTE: Tiger Web Cards four color process printing reproduces colors in pleasing color quality. Final output colors should not be compared to video monitors or other output devices as different output devices yield colors in varying degrees of accuracy. Please read our Disclaimer.

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