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eye ot the tiger!

How can we offer such an incredible Internet promotional tool at such a low price? The answer is simple...

Firstly, we print hundreds of Tiger Web Card orders at once.

Secondly, with huge numbers of Tiger Web Card orders being processed at one time, card stock is shipped by pallet loads directly from our suppliers at huge discounts.

Thirdly, to keep costs shaved even closer to the bone, we print only one quantity of Tiger Web Cards.

That's why the minimum order is 2,000 four color Tiger Web Cards and if you want more, you can get them in any increment of 2,000.

You won't have to be stingy giving out this economical high impact Internet web tool...

At a mere 13 cents a card, the cost is miniscule. But the impact you'll achieve will be massive -- so big, in fact, that if you place a small order you'll regret not ordering more. Don't get caught short on the world's best personal attention getter off the web.

Use these cards like postcards or insert them into mail pieces, brochures, anything that can be put in the mail or delivered. Address them to the buyers, the president, the person that ultimately will be making decisions.

Don't waste valuable days and let potential clients slip away. Order your personalized Tiger Web Cards, TODAY!

Only $130.00 per thousand. Minimum order of 2,000 cards.

ATTENTION! Ad agencies, high end graphic designers, product packaging specialists and marketing managers. PRESS HERE

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