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Web Designers and Webmasters applaud Tiger Web Cards as "best new innovative Internet tool"

Announcing Tiger Web Cards, the most cost effective method of luring important customers from the competition over to your Web site.

Tiger Web Cards are screen captures of your Web page on four color process coated high quality 12 pt cards. These attractive color print reproductions of your Web page, with your own descriptive copy, will give your Web site the impact of many personal client meetings, but at a mere fraction of the meeting cost.

How can you bag your Internet prospect first for the least amount of dollars in this tiger eat man world? ...naturally, with Tiger Web Cards!

Not just a postcard by another name

This thoughtful memento will get you more click throughs than any other premium incentive, and at a fraction of the price - just a mere 15 cents a card. Sure ball pens and key chains are nice, but will they produce the click throughs of our exclusive Tiger Web Cards?

Press Releases, Announcements
Include Tiger Web Cards with statements, press releases, announcements.....any type of correspondence. You'll be amazed by the responses and at only pennies a card, it does mountains worth of work.

Existing Client Base
Sure, you want to develop new business leads via the Internet, but your existing client base still does business over the phone. How can you effectively announce your new or renovated Web site to your valued clients? Naturally with the ferocity of Tiger Web Cards!

Trade Shows
You've spent a fortune to attend your industry trade show. Whether you're an exhibitor or attendee, everyone out there is a prospect, and you know it's impossible to talk to all of them. Hand them Tiger Web Cards. The acceptance rate is phenomenal and long after the show is over, they'll remember the Tiger's bite.

ATTENTION! Ad agencies, high end graphic designers, product packaging specialists and marketing managers. PRESS HERE

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