Endangered Species and their effect on this website
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Endangered Species

Save on Printing. Save the world.

ExtraValue.com goes above and beyond it's committment to small business. Every week we print hundreds, sometimes thousands of orders that of course use premium quality paper. While the business world can't live without business cards, the world can't live without trees and to show our support and care for the environment, we give back 5% of every order of business cards (excluding taxes and shipping) featuring pictures of our world's endangered species. The donation is made directly to the WWF (http://www.wwf.org). This is a realtively new program we started running in 2010. Please click here, to order beautiful full color business cards featuring endangered species and help give while getting something back. By featuring products and services that honor the world's most endangered species, with the hope that when people navigate through the site, they will leave with some new insights about this serious world problem. Hopefully, with their new knowledge, web surfers will have a better understanding and will spread to others the sad fate that may come to some of earth's creatures. For future generations, we must make sincere efforts to protect all of earth's species from the worst fate of all - extinction.

Top 10 Most Endangered Species

According to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) the top 10 most endangered species are: