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Order full color, four color business cards online

Order full color Crocodile business cards, snapcards, postcards and web cards securely online

Rhino Magnetic Business Cards is a Certified InternetSecure Merchant and is able to provide credit card holders secure, on-line, real-time credit card processing. All credit cards presented to InternetSecure via Rhino Magnetic Business Cards are securely directed to the originating card holder's financial institution worldwide.

Rhino magnetic card"Open Price Policy"

We take pride in giving our customers the very best value that money can buy. Unlike other Web merchants, we don't hide prices behind drop down menus, only to waste time and confuse the buyer.

Simply compare our prices at a glance from easy-to-read tables and choose your best value for the product that you are wanting to purchase......just another reason why countless persons trust Rhino Magnetic Cards for their online purchases.

To commence ordering, go to the bottom of the page.

Here's how online ordering works...

On the pages that immediately follow, check the product quantity that you will be ordering. We will use this information for processing your order and to automatically calculate shipping and handling charges (and taxes if they are applicable to your geographic area).

You always have an opportunity to see and approve these types of automatically computed charges before the final step that completes the online credit card transaction.

To commence ordering online, go to the bottom of the page. If you wish to purchase your product(s) by fax or post, press here.

How do we ship your full color Rhino magnetic card order?

Inside Continental U.S. and Canada
Rhino magnetic card standard volume card orders are shipped by courier to all points in Continental U.S. and Canada (does not include Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, extreme Canadian rural areas, Newfoundland and three Canadian Territories).

Outside Continental U.S. and Canada
Rhino magnetic card standard volume International card orders are shipped by post unless alternate arrangements will be made prior to shipping (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, extreme Canadian rural locations, Newfoundland and three Canadian Territories).

Sorry, we do not accept orders shipped to P.O. Box addresses, unless specifically advised in writing to do so by the client. If we will be requested to ship by post, we do not assume responsiblity for lost or undelivered orders.

For Rhino magnetic card extravalue pricing, select the geographic area below that your Rhino magnetic card product will be shipped.

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