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Start making hefty profits -- NOW!
Become a reseller of Crocodile full color business card products.

Start earning money right away. Graphic artists, sign shops, card brokers, Web designers, Website owners, copyshops, full time resellers, even printers (large and small) profit big by reselling full color Crocodile business card products. Our reseller clients consistently resell our US$112.44US / 2,000 full color business card value in the US$150.00 - US$200.00 range or more. As well, most of our resellers design their clients' cards and charge extra for this service.

Selling Crocodile business card products for profit is truly the "Win-Win" situation. When you consider that Kinkos sell 500 full color business cards for approximately US$300 and Office Max, Staples and other large national office supply stores sell 2,000 full color business cards in the US$300 range, you can see how easy it will be to resell Crocodile business card products and make hefty profits on each sale. Check pricing of your local Kinkos and discount office supply stores as pricing does vary from region to region.

Our exclusive low margin, high volume printing process that we developed saves us money, and we pass these savings directly to our customers. When we will print your Crocodile four color process business card product, your order will be part of a large printing order of 150 - 200 card products per flat. The benefit for you is that we are able to keep the most expensive portion of the entire printing process to a minimum -- the high cost of press time -- and we spread all our other costs including prepress, color keys, film separations, etc. among all the orders. Therefore, our direct overhead costs are considerably less than even most large volume conventional printers. We win, you win, and your valued customers win.

Get more than repeat business. We have been told time and time again by our resellers how amazed they are with our value enhanced printed card products. Because of our superior high quality reproduction and exceptional values that their clients receive, they not only get their clients' repeat business, but their satisfied clients continue to refer new business customers to them.

Resellers' exclusive proofing program. Our Web programmers have developed an exclusive on-line proofing program that resides elsewhere on a completely different Web site domain. Your clients can conveniently proof your designs in full color from any computer connected to the Internet worldwide so that it will not even be necessary for them to come to your place of business to proof your design. We provide this service to our resellers, so they can use our proofing site as if it were their own -- and this, too, is included in your all inclusive low everyday pricing.

In fact, after the final design will be approved, and when our fulfillment center will complete your order, you will choose whether your completed order will be shipped either to yourself or directly to your client -- naturally in plain vanilla non-branded wholesale packaging.

For more information on becoming a reseller of Crocodile full color business card products, PRESS HERE, then go to your email program.
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