Lesson 2: A quick look at the top 10 reasons why you should design your business card with business card software online.
Business Card Design and Business Card Printing

Business Card Design

Top 10 Reasons To Design Online

10) You can come up with an orignal design faster than your graphic designer
9) You need high quality photographs for your design, but don't want to pay royalties or a photographer
8) You have changed your email address 3 times in the last year due to spam
7) You have a new website you want to promote
6) You have a tradeshow and want to hand out 1000's of cards without spending 1000's of dollars
5) You just got a new cell phone with a new cell phone number
4) You would spend twice as much on color inkjet cartridges for your color printer if you tried to do it yourself and realize half the quality.
3) You want to prove how "Internet Savvy" you are by showing you can use "Online tools"
2) When your last order of business cards went to print there was some confusion over what you actually "signed off on".
1) No design or setup fees....ever!

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