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Business Card Printing

Your do-it-yourself guide to business card printing

If you have not already discovered the enormous time and cost savings associated with free online business card software, where thousands of business card templates are free to use for your design, then it's probably because you are considering other business card options. One alternative is to hire a graphic designer who can be commissioned to create a business card design and send it off a commercial printer. The other alternative is to create your business cards on your own personal computer. The project can be challenging, but if you have the time, patience, some graphic design skills, and good software tools to work with, you'll be printing nearly fast as Extra Value.

Choosing Business Card Software
There are a number of business card software products on the market. Most products are for Windows-based operating systems and unless you are working with online software, all of them involve a download to your computer with setup and installation. Some of the most well known products on the market include, Business Card Designer Plus from CAM development, and Visual Business Cards from RKS Software, and this great piece of business card software for Mac from BelightSoft. Yet, you can always find a complete list of business card software providers and evaluate which one best suits your project needs. One of your evaluation criteria should be "Ease-of-use". Any do-it-yourself project should be fun and challenging, but never frustrating. Therefore, look more closely at companies that will provide you with a free trial, or at the very least, screen captures, where you can see if their product is easy-to-use.

Do-it-yourself printing with templates
Many software providers focusing exclusively on business card design and layout will provide you with free business card templates that are built into their product. Business card templates are a great starting point for your business card desing. Keep in mind that you are not dependent on "business card-only software products". You can make use of industry leading desktop publishing products such as Adobe Illustrator, or layout programs such as QuarkXpress to build your design. In fact, there are free business card templates available online which you can download to several popular programs.

Using Your Printer To Produce Full Color Business Cards
Photo images are gaining momemtum among business card designers, because people have a tendency to have a better memory for visual images than text which appears on the card. If you already have your own high quality inkjet printer, make sure you have enough enough ink, and paper that is at least comparable to thick card stock offered by commercial printing companies. Working with a business card printing company such as Extra Value, makes alot more sense from a time, cost and quality standpoint if you are need a business card print run of 100 or more. However, for shorter runs, even test runs and smaller projects, and other offer discount inkjetcartridges & inkjet refill kits for nearly every major printer brand!

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